“Good afternoon Elaine, thank you so much for all your help. You and Georgina have been a blessing. Merry Christmas and have a a very blessed New Year. Greatly appreciate.”   -  Leslie Beltran - December 27, 2014


“Georgina, please process Travelers Insurance for me. Please let me know what you need and if you need me to contact them directly. I cannot thank you enough for your help in this difficult matter. Thank you!”                                                 - Samina Mahmood - June 8, 2014


“Thanks for getting this done. You are a rare ‘Doer’ in today’s world of ‘bureaucratic pass-the-buck’ non-performers.”    – Mike Thiele - March 21, 2014


 “Hi Elaine, everything was well received here. Thanks so much for your prompt attention to it! It’s nice to know I can count on you when needed. Much appreciated. Best regards.”   - Lynn Rudolph - January 8, 2014


“Ms. Baba, thank you for your interest in furnishing information for insurance services. At this time I am no longer in need of these services. I do really appreciate your time and best interest in helping me. Have a great summer and ALL THE BEST!” – Robert Lorenzo - July 9, 2013


 “…I would rather them have insurance through you guys because you have been great and I trust you.”                                    - Jennifer Harbison - August 29, 2013


“I am good now with $473 premium for 6 months and I will send the manually signed scan copy along with engineering completion certificate by tomorrow morning. Thanks both of you for helping me choose right auto policy.”                       – Srinivas Namilla - August 12, 2013


“I didn’t receive the email quotes we talked about last night. I am still interested in meeting today and signing the papers and getting started. We would like to do the 1000 comp and the renters insurance. Once again, thank you for the wonderful service.” – Daniel - August 1, 2013

“I’m happy with the service you provide so we will stay with you.” – Liz Bell - June 6, 2013


“Thanks Georgina, you’re welcome. Thank you for making the process so easy I was up from 9am trying to get insurance but everyone else made something so simple too complicated. Thanks again.” – Bryan - February 21, 2013