Renters Insurance

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These days more and more apartment complexes and landlords are requiring that their tenants obtain a renters insurance policy with a minimum of $100,000 Personal Liability Limits.  A renters policy does more then just provide you with liability insurance.  It replaces your personal belongings such as your furniture, clothing, dishes, TV, computer, etc. up to the amount of limit selected by the insured.  It provides you with funds to stay in a hotel and for meals as your current landlord is repairing the property you are renting or until they find you a replacement residence in the event that the home or apartment being rented was burned down.  It also includes a Guest Medical Coverage that will pay for medical coverage's up to the limit selected by the insured, for persons other than you or any resident of your household who are injured at your residence, regardless of your legal liability.

You can get all of these coverage's for a minimal monthly cost.  

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